Boutique Roues Cult Risch


Cult Risch

62.50$ CAD

Des roues de 72mm avec surface de contact de 47 mm.

Duro 82a: pêche

Roues de type offset.

Profile de la roue: Square Lip

Ces roues sont conçues pour le freeriding, le sliding et le downhill.

Uréthane plus dure que que les Gamma Ray.

Race Organiser, Road Tripper, Soul Master, Helmet Maker and Free Rider, Stephan Risch has given a lot to downhill skateboarding, so we thought it apt to give something back. 

We are very proud to humbly offer this wheel as a tribute to him.

Stephan asked us for a slightly harder 72mm wheel, ready to slide straight out of the box, capable of railling corners and but with easy predrifts. 

After some meditation, we came up with a modified version of the Gamma Ray, poured from the same HORROTICA but two duro stops harder, with a bevelled edge, smaller contact patch and ground running surface. 

Harder wearing than the Gamma Ray, with a perfected slide and drift feeling.

As sublime as the Master himself…


Designed for high speeds and slow wear, but with ultimate sliding characteristics when broken in, Horrotica is our low rebound downhill formula. 

If you want a “Fast Freeride” wheel, look for Horrotica chemistry. 

You can find Horrotica in the Hurtler, Gamma Ray and Risch wheels.

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