Boutique Roues Cult Death Ray


Cult Death Ray

65.00$ CAD

Des roues de 72mm avec surface de contact de 54 mm.

Duro 80a

Profile de la roue: Square Lip

Ces roues sont conçues pour le freeride et le downhill.

A super fast freeride and downhill wheel in our revolutionary shape.

The Death Ray is formulated using our PSYCHATHANE chemistry at 80a.

A perfect all-round Downhill Wheel with our now famous predictable slide, plenty of grip and a high roll speed.

Free your mind… this wheel is the best place to begin your journey to higher understanding.

Our original exclusive formula, created for a high rebound and strong wear pattern.

An advanced semi-sentient formula able to augment your brainwaves, reading your mind to create wheels that can react faster than you can think.

The ultimate in drift and grip control, as trusted by most of our downhill and slalom racers.


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