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Cult Converter

40.00$ CAD

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Des roues de 70mm avec surface de contact de 30mm.

Viennent en 4 couleurs de même duro 85a: rouge, blanche, orange et bleu foncé.

Roues de type offset.

Profile de la roue: Round Lip

Ces roues sont conçues pour le freeriding, le sliding.

A number of our followers, advanced in the art of “sliding,” made a pilgrimage to our temple and asked us for a new wheel specifically for their needs. 

We took the tried and tested “Cult Classic” shape, and created a new chemistry for it – SLIDE-O-MATIC. 

This advanced polymetic creation is faster, harder and stronger than MYSTOTHANE, which makes the Converter ultra smooth and ultra slippery. 

Our extensive experiments have shown them to be ideal for learning the way of the skid.

Try them… and be converted.


Harder, Faster, Stronger! A super slippery and hard wearing polymetic creation, improved especially for super fast, super long slides. 

We use Slide-O-Matic to create the Converter, Ism and Centrifuge freeride wheels.

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