Boutique longboards complets Comet Voodoo Air Complete ***30% off***


Comet Voodoo Air Complete ***30% off***

290.00$ CAD 200.00$ CAD

Le Voodoo Air mesure 35.75" de long, 10" de large et possède un empatement de 26" ou de 28"

Planche performante pour le downhill.

Prix pour la planche complète avec axes et roues.

The Voodoo Air is the latest update to the classic Voodoo downhill series.

This version includes Air-Frame technology to make a lighter wood downhill board.

We took away the cutaways in the nose and tail to give you more real estate for freeriding and allowing you to get more over the trucks to grip while racing. 


Air Frame is a patented construction that was developed by skateboarding legend Paul Schmitt. 

Air Frame technology is based on multiple hollow torsion boxes sandwiched between solid plies of hard maple. 

The result is a lighter board and that stiffer and more responsive through pre tensioned, corrugated maple plies.

Price for complete board with trucks and wheels
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