Boutique Surf Skate Carver Fort Knox black Cx Invert Complete


Carver Fort Knox black Cx Invert Complete

355.00$ CAD
Le surf sur l'asfalte!

Le Fort Knox mesure 31" de long, 9"7/8 de large et possède un empattement de 16"3/4.


Axe Carver CX invert

C'est l'axe hybride surf et skate de Carver.
Cet axe vous permet de faire des manoeuvres aériennes et de rouler switch encore plus facilement qu'avec un Cx régulié
Vient complète avec axes CX invert et roues de 70mm.

Surfing concrete!

Taylor had a hand in every aspect of the design of his signature model, from the template shape and specs to the graphics. 

Everything is designed to work with Taylor's style of power surfing, from the wide tail to the slightly stretched wheelbase, which provides a bit more stability at speed. 

This is the board he cross trains on for strength and flow, carving it up and down the hills in front of his house like he's ripping at J-Bay.

  • 31" long
  • 9 7/8" wide
  • 6 3/8" tail
  • 3 1/2" nose
  • 16 3/4" wheelbase

    Surfing concrete!

    The CX.4 Pool/Park is a new version of the classic CX.4 with an inverted kingpin to lower the kingpin head below the hanger line.

    Designed for riders who focus on riding off the flat, and want to hit up the coping.

    It also comes with the harder red 95A bushings.


    Price for complete board.
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