Boutique Roues Cadillac Swingers 78a


Cadillac Swingers 78a

59.00$ CAD

Des roues de 70mm.

Duro 78a

Roues de type centerset.

Ces roues sont conçues pour le freeride et la slide.

Poured in the same THC slide urethane as the 81A Swingers, the 70mm/78A the Cadillac

Swingers are made for busting out giant slides with ease.

The 78A formula provides some extra grip for confidence at higher speeds.

Stone-ground to slide smoothly right away, the Swingers wear evenly down to the high-performance hub.

With a center-set hub and graphics printed on both sides, these wheels can be flipped to promote more even wear.

Our team says freeriding on these wheels is like skating in ‘easy-mode’.

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