Boutique Roues Cadillac Sugar Mamas 78a


Cadillac Sugar Mamas 78a

57.00$ CAD

Des roues de 65mm

Duro 78a

Roues de type centerset.

Ces roues sont conçues pour le freeride et la slide.

Poured in the same blue THC slide urethane as the 78A Swingers, the 78A Sugar Mamas pack the smoothest freeride slide into a versatile 65mm shape.

If you’ve tried the 81A Sugar Mamas, the 78A’s have a similar ‘thane dumping slide, but provide some extra grip for confidence at higher speeds.

Stone-ground for a smooth slide right away, the Sugar Mamas are big enough to freeride over chundery pavement, but light enough to put on a double kick to skate ditches, alleys, driveways, or whatever comes your way.

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