Boutique Longboard planche Bustin YoFace 35


Bustin YoFace 35

95.00$ CAD

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Le YoFace mesure 34,7" de long, 9,1" de large et possède un empatement de 16,375".

    Il est fait d'érable

    Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

    Planche performante pour le street, tech slide

    Prix pour la planche seulement

    Vient grippé par Bustin

    It's a big skateboard for kicking around, tech sliding, bowl riding and some moderate street style in between.

    For the latest version the tail shapes have been modified into a more classic popsicle shape for popping more technical tricks with ease.

    This kicktail board excels as a bowl and ramp rider and tech slider, and it doubles as a more technical board for large riders or people who just like big decks.

    Plenty of wheel clearance means you can roll bigger wheels but we suggest staying under 66mm unless you're planning to add more risers.

    Price for board only

    Comes gripped by Bustin

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