Boutique Roues Hawgs Biggie 70mm


Hawgs Biggie 70mm

66.00$ CAD

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Des roues de 70mm et aussi surface de contact de 70mm!

Viennent en 3 duro:

  • 76a grise
  • 78a bleue
  • 80a blanche
Roues de type centerset.

Profile de la roue: Square Lip

Pensée et conçue pour le downhill.

Rapides et collantes!


Hawgs have released their most aggressive downhill wheel to date, they`re the ideal combo of acceleration and traction.

Biggie Hawgs provide great meaty width and are compatible with most top-mount and low-clearance setups.

With our high-rebound formula, in 78a blue and 80a white, these will grip in the most demanding situations but will break out smooth for predrifts and check slides.

A center-set core with a symmetrical profile provides a consistent wear pattern and the ability to flip and rotate the wheels.

Countless hours of prototyping and testing have resulted in a fine-tuned lip that offers maximum grip and speed.

Biggie Hawgs are ready to dominate any mountain road you throw them at.

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