Boutique Axes (trucks) Bear Kodiak Red 160mm


Bear Kodiak Red 160mm

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    One of the best downhill trucks on the market just got a facelift.
    We shaved off a bit of width to create the 160mm Kodiaks.
    We used the same forging technology in the hangers and baseplates along with the precision machined axle.
    A narrower axle provides you with the grip you want when you need it.
    The new 160mm Kodiaks are dialed in for anyone seeking maximum grip-and-rip technology.

    - Forged Baseplate and Hanger

    - Heat interference pressed axles

    - Ultra aligned, straight pressed axles with secondary lock pin

    - Tall bushings (19mm), compatible with 15mm bushings by using provided shim

    - Conical top bushing seat which eliminates dead zone and truck slop

    - Unique top hanger bushing lean, drives hanger from dive into turn

    - Classic bottom bushing seat (based on precision) with an added lip for step and double step bushings

    - 8 hole mount on baseplate

    - Our lightest RKP non- precision truck to date

    - Strongest truck to date

    - Includes Laser Etched Wood Box

    - Includes Replacement Bushings in 90a blue, 92a white with 94a black bushings pre-loaded on truck

    - Includes 99a shim bushing to accommodate standard bushings

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