Boutique Axes (trucks) Bear Grizzly Metallic Red


Bear Grizzly Metallic Red

60.00$ CAD

La cinquième génération the Grizzly!

Plus solide, plus léger, permet d'ajuster votre empattement.

  • Largeur 181mm
  • Axe de 8mm
  • Embase (baseplate) 52 degrés
8 trous dans l'embase sont compatibles Old School et New School.
Prix pour la paire.

We’ve revamped and redesigned the Bear Grizzly 8.52 to focus on strength, versatility and weight reduction.
The 5th gen truck has a stronger heat treaded axel, revised and less restrictive bushing seat as well as a laser engraved logo.
The baseplate now features an 8 hole mounting system to accommodate both old and new school drill patterns.
This pattern can also be used to adjust wheelbases by an inch.
We’ve also reduced baseplate weight by removing unnecessary material.
Strength tested and engineered to perfection, the 5th gen Grizzly 852 is an improvement on an industry standard.

Price for the set

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