Boutique Axes (trucks) Bear Grizzly 45*


Bear Grizzly 45*

60.00$ CAD
  • Largeur 181mm
  • Axe de 8mm
  • Embase (baseplate) 45 degrés
6 trous dans l'embase sont compatibles Old School et New School.
Prix pour la paire.

Made with the same construction and expertise as the Bear Grizzly 852's, the 845's feature a 45 degree baseplate as opposed to a 52 degree baseplate.  
This makes the truck more stable at high speeds, making it a great choice for downhill riding.  
While they perform great at high speeds, truck of this nature are not as responsive at low speeds and so they are not typically recommended for those looking to do mellow cruising.
Price for set.
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