Boutique Roues Abec 11 Pink SickSicks 66mm 81a

Abec 11

Abec 11 Pink SickSicks 66mm 81a

58.00$ CAD

Des roues de 66mm, surface de contact de 48,5mm

 Duro: 81

Profile de la roue: Square Lip

Roue de type Offset

Ces roues sont conçues pour le Carving, Cruising, Slalom.

  • Name: SickSicks
  • Height: 66mm
  • Durometers: 81a
  • Width: 50mm
  • Contact Patch: 48.5mm
  • Hub: 25mm
  • Hub Setting: OS Offset
  • Depth of Urethane: 20.5mm
  • Edges: Square
  • Disciplines: The quicker smaller hard-carving, pumping and slalom specific wheel. One of Pink's first high-traction wheels.
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