Boutique Longboard Wheels Cadillac Original 56MM Beer Longboard Wheels


Cadillac Original 56MM Beer Longboard Wheels

47.95$ CAD


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If you've been searching for a small, soft, versatile cruising wheel look, no further.

The 56mm-78a durometer design is the first production urethane wheel in skateboarding dating back to 1973.

Today, the wheel is considered by skaters of all ages to be one of the classics; a collectible, but also one of the smoothest cruising wheels in our industry.

Designed with a smooth ride finish, a high performance urethane hub, these wheels are available in five colors.

They are offered in translucent red & beer making this 56mm design perfect for cruising around town and ideal for filming.

Sold as a set of 4 wheels.

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