Boutique Longboard planche Kebbek Crafty Raphael Therrien 25th


Kebbek Crafty Raphael Therrien 25th

167.00$ CAD

Compagnie Montréalaise!

Le Crafty mesure 36" de long, 9,5" de large et possède un empatement de 24" jusqu'à 25,75".

Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

Planche performante pour faire du Freeride et le Downhill

Prix pour la planche seulement.

We are proud to welcome Crafty to our pro team this season. He has been a trusted am rider for years, originating from the hometown of Kebbek, Montreal. He showed his commitment to skateboarding through his travels, videos and all around good vibes while skating.

He likes going fast, but needs a deck with a kicktail, making the Top Mount 36 his deck of choice. The top mount has been our team rider’s choice since we launched it in 2001 as their favorite downhill racing deck.

We decided to give it a massive a face lift last season with a handful of new features that will open up what you can do with this board. I’m sure you will agree that you want foot lock for going fast, but still like to shift your feet around for when you are in the streets. We balanced the foot platform so foot lock is apparent, but you are not cemented into position, making it more playful for everyday skating.

Enjoy the small kick tail on the end, you will thank us when you face a curb. Even downhill decks should be able to ollie.

Length: 36


Wheel base: 24-25.75


Features: Rocker, Opalescent paint, .5, Micro drop, flush mount, wheel wells, Kicktail

Price for board only.

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