Boutique Longboard planche Kebbek Juergen Gritzner 25th


Kebbek Juergen Gritzner 25th

167.00$ CAD

Compagnie Montréalaise!

Le Juergen mesure 38" de long, 9,75" de large et possède un empatement de 23,8" jusqu'à 27".

Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

Planche performante pour faire du Freeride et le Downhill

Prix pour la planche seulement.

You might recognize Juergen from the feature documentary ‘Lost in Havana’, where Juergen went to Cuba to donate 100 of his pro model completes to kids who need it. Juergen’s generosity and vibrant personality is what we loved about him well before we saw him skate.

He has been a driving force in the European freeride scene with his involvement in Big Mountain Skate events, and we could not be happier to call him family. Be like Juergen and do something to spread some skateboard love. 

Juergen lives in Austria, his backyard is filled with limitless roads, packed with wildly cambered hairpins. He needs a deck that he can count on going fast, but won’t cramp his feet up when he wants to just push around taking it mellow.

The subtle features in this deck are apparent enough to lock you in, but don’t feel like daggers in your feet forcing you into position. You have the freedom to move around on this deck. Enjoy your time on a skateboard.


Length: 38 inches

Width: 9.75 inches

Wheelbase: 23.8 to 27 inches


Features: Opalescent paint, 0.5 rocker, Micro drop, flushmount, 9 ply

Price for board only.

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