Boutique longboards complets Arbor Timeless Walnut 42 Complet


Arbor Timeless Walnut 42 Complet

285.00$ CAD

Le Timeless Walnut mesure 42" de long, 9,5" de large et possède un empatement de 32".

Il est construit de 7 plis d'érable et 1 plis de noyer.

Assemblage de axes: Top Mount

Planche performante pour la promenade et le carving.

Prix pour le longboard complet

La couleur des axes et des roues peut varier


 The Fish's big brother, this classic pintail carver is designed for smooth skating and maximum push and speed stability. Part of Arbor's Groundswell Series, the Timeless is made with 7 plies of hardrock maple and a finish ply of black walnut, all of which are sustainably sourced. The addition of Walnut in the deck construction helps provide a durable top layer below your feet, meaning your deck lasts longer. The camber profile and large, 32" wheelbase provides a more stable ride at high speeds, while a medium concave helps lock in your feet for aggressive carves. Arbor is also doing their part to help the environment. Along with using sustainable materials, Arbor reclaims the by-product of those materials for use in other products. This ensures limited waste of precious resources. The decks are also produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers. This complete comes equipped with Paris 50° 180mm trucks, 70mm 78a Outlook Wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, 1/4" Paris risers and Lucid (clear) grip. A classic pintail, the Arbor Timeless is a carving machine that makes turning smooth and effortless.


Price for complete longboard

Trucks and wheels color may vary from the picture.

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