Boutique longboards complets Landyachtz Osteon Horse Complet


Landyachtz Osteon Horse Complet

285.00$ CAD 242.25$ CAD

Le Osteon mesure 38" de long, 9.8" de large et possède un empattement de 25".

Assemblage des axes: Top Mount.

Planche performante pour le downhill et le freeride.

Vient complète avec des axes Bear et des roues Hawgs.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No… It’s an awesome top mount race board with micro-drop, w concave, mellow-tail and slight rocker! Billy Bones pro-model, The Osteon has become a staple of the Landyachtz team over the last couple years and that’s not because it’s a bird or a plane. Although this board has been known to fly down hills on occasion ;)

38" Length I 9.8" Width I 25" Wheelbase

Landyachtz is committed to planting one tree for each board that is purchased.


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